Bryan T. Baker, Executive Editor

Bryan is the founder of Keeping The Republic and a Captain in the US Army Reserve, branched military intelligence. Between drill weekends Bryan teaches AP courses in American History, World History, and American Politics at a secondary institution in the Phoenix area. Bryan writes on politics and national security and his essays have been featured in The Federalist, Small Wars Journal, Task and Purpose, RealClear Defense, and E-International RelationsBryan has earned undergraduate degrees in political science and history and an M.A. in international security through the University of Arizona. He tweets @bryanthomasbake and his course websites can be found here.

Alexander P. Langer, History Editor

Dr. Langer earned a PhD at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He specializes in the intersection of cultural history and diplomatic history. He also teaches undergraduate courses in American History at the same institution. Alex’s research examines Europe in the Cold War, and how tourism and cultural diplomacy affected and was affected by foreign policy. He holds an M.A in American History from Villanova and a B.A. in American History from the University of Arizona. He tweets @aplanger and you can view his scholarly writings at CONCEPT.

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