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Ep. 5. Is Diversity a Strength? A Discussion of 12 Angry Men and the Tyranny of the Majority

On a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Mr. Carlson challenged his audience to prove to him how exactly diversity is a strength. This episode is a cordial answer to this challenge.



To answer Mr. Carlson, we draw heavily from Reginald Rose’s classic play 12 Angry Men. We also delve into James Madison and Alexis de Tocqueville’s concept of the Tyranny of the Majority.

This episode is jam-packed with insightful guests. We have Monika Reynolds (a Nurse Practitioner and Professor of Nursing at Azusa Pacific University), Andrew (a former Army Captain and current member of the Intelligence Community), and Eduardo Atjian II (a musician, public policy major, and member of the arts community in LA).

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